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We have our own Operations Department.

Lawrence Properties Operations Department will investigate, report and render recommendations on all maintenance, repair and capital improvement work needed at your building.

Our staff of construction and technical professionals is qualified to assist your building staff, oversee contracts, obtain competitive bids and prepare preventive maintenance and repair schedules (at no additional fee).

With regard to the letting of contracts we are strong believers in obtaining three or more competitive bids which are delivered sealed and then opened in the presence of a Board officer. This removes the risk of any impropriety and imposes a better system of checks and balances.

Additionally, the Operations Department routinely approves all bills in excess of $1,000 for services or construction of any kind as a "fourth set of eyes" to help ensure that our clients receive the best value for their money. All bills are checked and okayed by:

  1. the superintendent
  2. the management executive
  3. the Operations Department
  4. the bookkeeper

Upon client request, our Construction Management Department will supervise all repair or capital improvement projects for a negotiated fee as an adjunct to your architect or engineer. Although you are under no obligation to avail yourself of this service, it is typically more cost effective than engaging a construction manager.

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