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Lawrence Properties has over 80 years of know-how in both cutting expenses and stimulating income. Here is a quick overview of some of the ways we do it.

We strictly monitor all costs and aggressively seek the most competitive prices for goods and services. Our volume purchasing power allows us to provide significant savings.

Fuel Purchase.

Our Operations Department obtains three competitive quotes daily from fuel oil vendors in order to obtain the lowest barge price of fuel for #6, #4 and #2 oil. We ensure the lowest possible price for our clients on a daily basis.


We assist our clients in purchasing property, disability and umbrella coverages at competitive prices in today's uncertain insurance markets. As a matter of procedure, Lawrence Properties bids all policies on a competitive, arms-length basis. Further, because of the large portfolio of buildings under our control, we have the ability to negotiate the best possible rates.


We constantly stay in touch with industry sources to implement energy saving programs with local utility companies.

Preventive Maintenance.

The level of involvement we have with our buildings allows us to identify potential problems, saving our clients the cost of major repairs. Your management executive will work closely with our Operations Department to regularly review all aspects of your building.

Our Financial Department analyzes your building's status, assesses whether you are taking advantage of every financial opportunity, and makes sure that you do.


Our standing with banks has helped us to renegotiate better terms for existing loans, or to assist in the refinancing of client mortgages or lines of credit. Lower interest rates improve bottom lines by tens of thousands of dollars.


The tax burdens imposed on New York City cooperatives and condominiums have become quite onerous. We aggressively pursue both reductions and rebates. Working with attorneys, accountants and appraisers in order to insure the best position for our clients. We go one step further. We check the New York City records ourselves to make sure nothing has been missed.

In addition we can also assist in other proven revenue sustaining and earning programs. Such as:

  • Storage User Fees
  • Health and Exercise Facilities
  • Water Meter Installation
  • Flip Taxes
  • Sublet fees

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