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We stay close.

It's the steady, attentiveness to your building that determines the effectiveness of a managing agent. Nothing replaces being there. Our executives are. At least 5 to 6 hours a week. More if required.

Running Smoothly.

This attentiveness begins with a detailed survey of your building's anatomy. From boiler to roof. What is visible and what is not. It continues with comprehensive walk throughs and regular inspections against our checklists. Reviews with your superintendent and staff. Apartment visits and meetings with shareholders if necessary. All designed to keep your building running smoothly. Catch problems. Avoid emergencies.


Monthly Board meetings are an important way to update the Board, review current projects, help you plan ahead. Our executives will prepare written management reports in advance and will run these meetings, sending out notices and providing the agenda. They will also organize and administrate your annual shareholders' or unit owners' meeting.


Our management executives pride themselves on their close relationships with buildings, boards, staff and shareholders. They answer their phones. Together with our Operations Department they will know your home better than their own. Just ask our references.

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