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You've read our literature. Met us. Asked the right questions. You've checked our references. You've chosen us. Here's what happens next.

We mobilize. A team will be immediately assigned to your building. Orchestrating the move, like a skilled general, will be your Management Executive. He or she will arrange for the transfer of all of your records and files to us. Once in our care, an experienced clerk will put everything in an easy to find order. A bookkeeper (your own) will glean through your financial data until it is meticulously organized and set it into our system. And finally, to make sure that your building hasn't fallen through an expensive crack, a compliance person will check that you've met the requirements for every important item from lead paint to tax abatements.

We will stay extremely close during these early months of our new relationship. Studying. Setting down a secure foundation. Doing what it takes in the beginning to insure the smooth running of your building in the future. After all, isn't that why you're hiring us?

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