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Detailed reports.

Each month, our in-house, computer-generated financial reports are issued to the Board of Directors, Managers or building Owners, as well as to their respective accountants. These reports detail all income and expense items along with year-to-date, budget and prior year comparisons. As with our agents all financial reports can be tailored to fit our clients' requirements.

Working closely.

Each month we issue a maintenance charge, common charge or rent bill to each resident. We work very closely with each Board Treasurer or corporate accountant to insure that all financial data is accurately reflected and meets the requirements of that specific property. We offer direct on line access to building banking information to designated Board members. Arrears are meticulously monitored and pursued, by your bookkeeper, account executive and a designated representative of the Board of Directors.

Customized account.

In addition, we are also prepared to establish a customized schedule for sweeping funds from your operating account into interest bearing money market, investment accounts. Such accounts are typically established to finance specific capital projects or simply earn additional income. Of course, all operating and money market accounts are maintained on a strictly segregated basis. Your account is always handled independently. So much so, you will have your own bookkeeper.

Your own bookkeeper.

We assign a personal bookkeeper to you. One person who will know your building, residents, receivables and payables thoroughly, be able to give you accurate information immediately. This pairing offers you a built-in safety check system. Preventing errors that might have occurred with someone less familiar with your account.

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