Lawrence Properties

51 East 90th Street

A respected reputation.

Established more than 80 years ago, Lawrence Properties is one of the first residential management companies in New York, with certainly the most professional continuity and history. Over these eight decades, Lawrence Properties has been responsible for originating many of the procedures that are now second nature to this field.

Experts in our field.

Lawrence Properties is a full-service residential management company. We offer a highly experienced and personalized level of service to a wide variety of buildings and owners. Cooperatives, condominiums and all manner of rental properties. From high-rises and sprawling garden complexes, to brownstones and loft buildings, we are proud of our roster of long-term clients.

As a supplementary support service, Lawrence Properties also has a Residential Rental and Brokerage Division that specializes in luxury apartment, loft and townhouse rentals and sales. For more information contact Anton C. Cirulli at 646 454 2932.

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