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Custom fit.

Service is key. It is only as good as the person who performs it. We hand-pick our management executives to match their charges. Permanently assign them and don't overload them with more than 7 buildings. They are highly skilled professionals. Smart and intuitive. We empower them with responsibility for every aspect of a building's operation. They understand the importance of attentiveness. And, stay close 24 hours a day. By telephone, by pager, by voice mail, by e-mail.

A supportive team.

We support them with the full effectiveness and experience of our in-house departments. Our chain of command is streamlined and minimal. Our executives receive immediate supervision from our Managing Director, Anton C. Cirulli, as well as direct daily access to our President, Asher Bernstein.

Importantly, our management executives are not assigned geographically, but rather on the basis of "fit" to a building's personality and needs. This is a custom fit.

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