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Personal initiative and an 'extra-mile' concern for our clients are trademarks of Lawrence Properties. And never has this been more evident than in our bookkeeper Lina Shapiro's discovery of a $113,000 bank mistake. Here's what happened.

Alerted by the fact that one of the buildings in her charge (every building of ours is assigned their own bookkeeper) had received a refund from their bank due to an overage in their real estate tax escrow account, Lina questioned whether or not another of her buildings, affiliated with the same bank, should also have received such a refund. Lina was right!

This error, missed by both the co-op's accountants and the board treasurer, probably never would have been detected had it not been for Lina's astuteness and action. Your finances too can be protected and watched like a hawk.

To protect your money, we assign you your own bookkeeper.

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